Tech Smart Boss Comparison of pCloud Business vs Dropbox Business

Cloud storage is a must for the Tech Smart Boss. Having a common area for your entire team to securely store files to collaborate and keep historical records is a must, and after using Box for many years, I switched over the Dropbox Business a few years ago.

I recently learned about pCloud and their business offering and wanted to do a comparison to see if Dropbox Business was still the best solution for my business.

These days, a good Cloud storage provider is more than just storing your files. It’s about team collaboration, sharing with customers and partners, security, encryption, workflow process, integration, and more.

In this video, I do a quick review of the business features of pCloud vs Dropbox and I walk you through a common use case of requesting a file from a customer.

The bottom line, pCloud has an extremely similar feature set to Dropbox Business but at a cheaper price. Dropbox has a more intuitive and attractive user interface. For me personally, it’s the integration of Dropbox Paper that keeps me with Dropbox but for businesses that don’t use that feature and are looking for a more affordable cloud storage/team collaboration solution, pCloud is one to take a look at.


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