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In Episode 33 of the podcast, I talked about the 5 essential things your business needs in a CRM and how the CRM should be the hub of your business. To do that you need powerful integrations, automation, security, as well as the ability to customize the CRM to your business processes (not the other way around).

To find all that in a solution normally costs an arm and a leg ?, but with this week’s Cool Tech of the Week selection, CompanyHub, you can find it all for an affordable price.

Check out our YouTube video on CompanyHub, but since we released this, and the reason we grant them Cool Tech of the Week, they have come out with UTrons, their automation bot. And the power this automation provides makes CompanyHub a unique CRM. Combine that with ease of use and overall value and that makes them a Tech Smart Boss recommended application. Check them out and see if they could be a fit for your business (we switched from HubSpot CRM and haven’t looked back since).

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