Common Obstacles to Profitability in Your Business

One of the most important considerations that business owners should be aware of is profitability. Without a profit, you won’t be able to pay employees, get more supplies, or continue to create and sell your product. The following can be obstacles to your business’s profitability, so do your best to avoid them.


The first common obstacle that can hinder your business’ profitability is debt. It takes money to start a business, and many business owners take out a loan in order to create their business. However, continuing to go further into debt with your business can make profitability an issue. If you have several expensive loan payments to make each month, those expenses will have to take priority over other costs. 

Businesses that are in the red typically have a harder time with profitability because they’re continually accumulating interest, and struggling to afford new supplies. Seeing a professional to help you overcome your business’s debt can be incredibly helpful in boosting your profitability.


Another practice that can be an obstacle to profitability in your business is waste. Businesses require a lot of supplies to create their products, and often this also means a lot of waste. Depending on your business’ market, you could have a lot of waste each day. These are materials that you paid for that are being thrown away. Each piece of waste is costing you money and profitability. It’s important to reduce waste as much as possible to save your business money. 

First, you can do this by ensuring that your employees are trained to make as few mistakes as possible. Second, adjust the way your business does certain things to eliminate waste. Lean manufacturing eliminates waste and improves efficiency. Lessening your business’ waste ensures that you’ll be able to become more profitable.

Accounting Error

To properly handle any profit that you receive from your business, you need to work with a quality accountant. An accountant ensures that your business’ money is handled correctly and that you are able to continue to become more profitable. If you try to handle your business’ accounting on your own instead of hiring a professional, you run the risk of making expensive errors and damaging your business’ profitability. It’s essential that you hire a high-quality professional accountant to ensure that you’re doing everything possible to become more profitable.


Running a business is complicated, and involves many moving parts. All of these need to work together cohesively in order for you to succeed and see a profit. Be wary of these things that can be obstacles to your business’s profitability.

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