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If you are looking for an easy way to provide customers a portal for all your project status and deliverables, then this week’s Cool Tech of the Week is for you, Client Portal.

I’ve been working more actively with Client Portal the past few weeks and the experience has been great. Client Portal is a WordPress Plug-in that brings a secure way to share and collect almost anything with your users. What I like best beyond the ease of use, is the eye appealing user interface and user experience.

I’ve been able to set up an onboarding set of steps using Client Portal and I’m also setting up an actual portal for customers to access support, download software, see billing history, and more. The use cases are really unlimited (so don’t get hung up on the project management focus of the product).

Check out the demos on their website, they even use their own tool as their support documentation portal. This may be the exact tool a Tech Smart Boss needs in their toolkit.

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