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The big industry guys are giving our free tools like it’s Christmas. A few weeks ago we talked about a new free SEO tool and this week, we have a new one from Microsoft, Clarity.

You know what we say, if it’s free, you are the product. Basically if I were to guess, this is a data grab by Microsoft to get access to Google data and learn more about website traffic to improve Bing and their other services.

But as a Tech Smart Boss, I don’t really mind sharing the data as Clarity is giving me a lot of really nice insights into my website, for free.

Clarity gives you session recording, heat maps, analytics and more. It’s not a replacement of Google Analytics or Google Search Console, but it’s more an alternative to Hotjar, Capturly, Figpii, and many of the heatmap and recording tools out there (did I mention this is free?).

Give it a look, I’m comfortable sharing my website data to Microsoft, I don’t think they will be able to program Skynet and destroy the world with it (or share with my competitors and kill my Tech Smart Boss business). Clarity, our Cool Tech of the Week.

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