Change Your Customer Feedback from ? to ? with Emojics

Tech Smart Boss and Emojics

It’s hard to get feedback from users and customers these days, so I’m always interested to try products that are doing it in innovative ways.

Like it or not, these days people like to communicate in modern-day hieroglyphics, known as emojis and thanks for Facebook, feedback has been reduced to a set of reaction icons to see if you like something, are surprised, sad, or angry.

So what’s a Tech Smart Boss to do? Use it to our advantage of course, and that’s what I thought when I came across Emojics.

I talked about the importance of feedback and some collection tips in Episode 88 of the podcast, listen to that it here. Emojics has many of the qualities that I described in that episode.

Emojics lets you put a set of feedback icons on any webpage, such as your landing pages, your blog articles, or your help desk articles. And then also let you add feedback icons to your emails, such as your customer service, newsletter, transactional, or marketing ones.

The benefit, when a user gives you some feedback, you can pipe the into a campaign to capture more information, such as trying to resolve an issue if they are unhappy, or converting them into an evangelist of your product or service if they love you.

Check out this video, where I go over Emojics, sign up for a new account, and walk through the interface. If you are looking for a fun and sophisticated feedback management tool, try out Emojics today.

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