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I’m not much into meditation, although I’m open to try it. I went to a conference in Silicon Valley last week and they were all raving about mindful meditation and stuff like that (it was a tech conference by the way).

Anyhow, I did give a few month ago to see if there anything to their claim of improving focus, meditation, and sleep. If you’re anything like me, you like to work with some background noise, music, tv, podcast, something.

I gave it a try, and I have to admit, it does get me into a working groove. I even tried it for sleeping a few times, but my sleep headphones broke and honestly, I have no problem sleeping ?.

But as the Cool Tech of the Week, we would recommend giving them a try if you do want to see if their computer designed and scientifically generating sounds can help with your focus (or meditation, relaxation, or sleep).

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