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Screen recording that automatically captures valuable engineering data. Create technical bug reports even without technical skills, right from your browser. Bug reporting tool made to be fast, easy, and helpful.

This week’s Cool Tech of the Week if you do a lot of browser based website or software testing. The name is weird, but the product is pretty darn cool, Bird Eats Bug.

It’s not for all Tech Smart Bosses, but if you do have a web-based software testing component to your business or provide support to web-based apps for your internal team or external customers, then you may want to take a look at Bird Eats Bug.

The simple use case, you install an extension (or your tester, or even end user) and click through and replicate the bug. Behind the scenes, Bird Eats Bug collects all that browser information that helps a developer diagnose where the problem is (or at least where to start looking). In many cases, it can help isolate what may be causing the issue unique to the client’s network (like a network security issue). Once all the info is collected, Bird Eats Bug lets you upload it, complete with screenshots, video, webcam, audio, and all the browser session info.

It’s affordable and easy, the key components of a Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week. Check it out, Bird Eats Bug.

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