Become a Boss of Content Creation and Distribution with Story Chief

We talk a lot about the importance of Content Marketing and leveraging your Tech Smart Boss website to generate leads for your business (check out Episode 12 for more on that –   Content Marketing is more than just writing content.  It’s doing research, planning, collaborating, editing and then even after you have the content it’s publishing and distributing to various platforms so your content can be discovered (and don’t forget about reusing that content over and over again in your sales, marketing, and support teams).

Today’s video is on a new product that I recently discovered on ProductHunt (former Cool Tech of the Week recipient) and surprisingly their product was a lot more mature than most I initially look at.  In fact, I’m jumped on board and already incorporating it into my Content Marketing tech stack.

The product,  Story Chief.   Story Chief gives a robust content creation environment, where you can invite all your collaborators to help write, leave comments, give direction, and even approve or reject content.  But it doesn’t stop there, they allow you to add all your channels of distribution, such as WordPress, Medium, social media feeds, RSS (with more coming in the future) and with 1-click, you can send your content to all of them simultaneously, perfectly formatted, and search engine optimized (no worries about duplicate content).  And they give you a way to send the content to your network (they call them ambassadors) to help share it on their feeds.   And if you are just starting out and don’t have a blog,  they give you a nicely designed blog for free (?mic drop).

Check out this video,  I start from scratch and do their simple onboarding and go through to publishing some content to a WordPress site,  plus give you some tips on how to stay within their free plan (yes, they have a great free plan).

Check out the video and leave us a comment on what you think about this video and Story Chief.




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