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We’ve talked before about how powerful easy design tools can be for a Tech Smart Boss. This week’s Cool Tech of the Week is exactly the type of tool we’re always looking to add to our tech stack, Artify.

Artify has one of the smoothest design editors that I have worked with (keep in mind, I’m a design amateur). What I like best is the large gallery of templates that you can simply pick and then modify to your pleasure. For me, I like to improve on someone else’s creativity than try to design from scratch ????.

But if you are excellent with the design creativity, Artify has a ton of resources for you to pull from. I’ve never seen so many different styles of illustrations, backgrounds, themes, icons, and more all in one place, accessible via a click.

Check it out, they have a free plan that may be all you need and for myself, I picked up their lifetime deal for their pro plan. Artify, our Cool Tech of the Week.

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