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Sometimes the best things are the simplest things, especially when you’re a busy Tech Smart Boss. When it comes to managing projects and you have a lean team, keeping things easy and organized is the way to go, and this week’s Cool Tech of the Week helps do that, Ambra.

If you’re not into hashtags then Ambra may not be for you, it’s all about the hashtags. But if you and your team can get on the same hashtag terminology then Ambra let’s you start to assign tasks and manage projects using a very natural language syntax.

What I like best about the product, it has a great user interface, nice and clean, simple, and easy to use. And if you just need a place to manage internal projects and tasks, I think Ambra could be a great fit for a modern team.

Check it out, you may find the project management tool without all the bloat that you’ve been looking for, Ambra.

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