This week’s Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week -> Amazon Web Services

Check out all the best of the week in Issue 144 of the Tech Smart Boss Newsletter.

We named Azure as our Cool Tech of the Week a while back and this issue we want to highlight Amazon Web Services for the same reasons.

Being a Tech Smart Boss means having the agility to quickly toss up test and development environments, at a low cost, without a high level of expertise needed and that is exactly what AWS helps with.

Just this week I needed a quick Redshift database to test integration with my software and I was able to deploy it quickly and get the testing and documentation I needed and it cost me roughly $15 of time. In the old days that would have been a week long project of a system engineer.

And for the software developers out there, they may it easy to create a scalable and highly available infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of building it yourself. They enable the Tech Smart Boss.

Check it out and see what you can do today.

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