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Ahrefs released a free tool this week to give you a ton of SEO information about your projects, Ahrefs Webmaster. It wasn’t without controversy in the SEO community, as many feel that Ahrefs has a not so great motive of giving you this free. Basically you were sharing all your Google Search Console information to them for free which they were using to make their paid product even better.

Essentially you’re giving your data to them so your competitors can pay them to make good use of it. I don’t disagree with this, I’ve always said, if the product is free, then you are the product, and this Ahrefs is no different.

With that said, as a small business, in most cases, you’re probably better off leveraging the free SEO information provided by this Ahrefs tool to improve your business than worrying about what Ahrefs paid customers are using with the data. In fact, most small businesses won’t have a competitor who is using Ahrefs.

So we’re going to name it our Cool Tech of the Week, cause quite frankly, what they are giving in this free tool is better than most paid when it comes to SEO data and improving your websites. Check it out, Ahrefs Webmaster Tool.

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