Ads vs. SEO: Which is More Effective?

If you are marketing your business online, you have different marketing strategies that you can take. Two of the most popular include search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Both of these methods are powerful and can offer many benefits. However, they are definitely different and should be used for certain reasons.

Ads Are Short-Term

If you are an entrepreneur or in the first stages of your business, you’ve got to find a way that you can compete on the web. Once you build your website, you need to generate traffic. Grasshopper explains, “PPC can be a great source of revenue for businesses of any size. You can see the results very quickly as compared to other sources and make changes to get better results.” However, while this is a quick way to bring in targeted customers who are interested in your products or services, it doesn’t allow you to take advantage of organic search, which can bring in large amounts of free traffic.

SEO is for Long-Term Growth

When you are marketing your business online, you must take advantage of SEO. Statistics show that over 50 percent of traffic to websites comes from organic search. Without optimizing for this, you risk losing out on a large number of targeted customers who are interested in what you have to sell.

Teton Media Group explains, “SEO is a powerful and important piece of marketing your business online. If you aren’t investing in SEO, you are investing in ads that deliver temporary success. Rather than spending money on search engine ads or social media ads that may or may not convert – or definitely stop working when you stop throwing money at it – you can invest in a long-term inbound digital marketing strategy for your business.”

SEO builds a foundation for your website that has the ability to last way into the future. When certain keywords and keyword phrases are optimized and used strategically in content marketing, your website and the information that’s on each page become valuable. Search engines look for websites to send people to. Google wants to make sure that people have a good experience when they send people to your site. SEO allows you to accomplish this.

Summing it Up

Over time, an investment in SEO will create the largest ROI. According to SEMRush, “the most basic calculation to determine your ROI is: SEO ROI = SEO Revenue minus SEO Cost divided by SEO Cost. That’s a bit simplistic and doesn’t factor bounce rate, organic traffic, click through or other specific factors, but it does give a decent scope of how things are going.” While this marketing strategy doesn’t produce the quick results of ads, it pays for itself over and over again throughout the years as your website becomes more trustworthy and you build brand awareness. This is done by implementing SEO, analyzing your results and initiating new campaigns when needed.

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