5 Ways Customer Support Impacts Sales

Running a small business is difficult. That’s because the owners have to keep up with the competition, offer competitive prices, and ensure that all customers are happy. If a small business doesn’t do all of those things, their business will suffer. They need to always be on their toes and looking for ways to keep customers coming back. Customer support directly impacts sales both negatively and positively, especially in these five significant ways.

Open Lines of Support Mean a Great Deal to Customers

Not everyone is going to need help at the same time. People work different shifts and sometimes don’t notice problems with items until really late at night or early in the morning. There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching out to customer service, finding that there isn’t anyone available. That’s why it’s important to have support available 24/7.

Ease of Customer Support May Turn Away Potential Customers

When people need help, they want something that’s easily accessible. That’s why if you’re going to offer customer support, you should do so on different channels. First, having a helpline is an excellent idea because many people prefer talking on the phone. After hours, create some online chat or email service.

Customers Love to See Honest Feedback

Customers love hearing from other customers. For a business to be successful, they need to have the option of customer feedback. You can provide the opportunity for input either with a section on a webpage or social media. These offer great ways to generate positive traction. If you make sure that your guests have an experience that exceeded their expectations, the chances of them leaving a review are pretty high. People put a lot of stake in what their peers say. They trust their reviews because they’re not biased.

Responding to Feedback is Equally as Important

A great way to forge strong connections is by having a business that responds to feedback, both positively and negatively. When someone leaves a review, they want their voice to be heard. A company needs to acknowledge this. If something went poorly for a customer, then the business needs to show that they’re doing what they can to make it right instead of sweeping it under the rug. Companies need to handle themselves with class on Facebook. If someone writes a negative review, the business needs to first thank them for reaching out and secondly show that they want to do something to make it better. If a customer leaves a fantastic review, then a business should still respond with apologies and gratitude. People love to see an interaction between a company and a client. It makes them seem more personable. People like to frequent businesses that forge those personal relationships with those who visit the establishment.

Forging a Positive Relationship Between Customer and Business

A business is only as strong as their customer support. Therefore, it’s essential to have a positive relationship not just with customers who come to the store but also with those who leave reviews online. People put a lot of stake in online reviews these days. When someone is researching a business, the first thing they do is log on social media or a website to make sure that they see positive feedback. Even one bad review can turn them away. That’s because people want to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing when they visit a place. Although it’s always hard to predict what kind of service you’ll get, online feedback makes it easier. Most people are brutally honest online, and that’s the kind of reviews that potential customers want to read.

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