4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building Your Brand Strategy

What is the secret behind companies that have built well-loved brands? One of the reasons they’re successful in branding is they have taken serious consideration to key questions about what their brand represents and what impact they want to have on their audience. Here are four branding questions you should ask yourself to build a successful brand.

What Emotions Do I Wish to Evoke in My Clients?

According to Jacob Tyler’s Rebranding Guide, a brand is more than your business name or logo; it’s every interaction your audience has with your business, from the way the receptionist answers the phone to how many clicks it takes a user to get your website content. A brand is a way your audience experiences those interactions. Ask yourself what emotions you want them to feel when interacting with your brand. Examples of emotions you may want customers to feel are trust, security, protected, calm, serene, and joyful. If you realize you haven’t been getting positive emotional responses from clients, then you’ll want to consider rebranding to help set a better tone under a new brand identity.

How Would I Describe My Business?

Thinking about your ideal business, write a list of adjectives and attributes that describe it. After narrowing down your list to the most suitable ways to describe your business, you can use this information to guide your branding. You’ll know that your branding materials and approach should be in line with how the business is described in your brand identity.

Who is My Audience?

According to Kashoo, all businesses should know who their audience is. If your marketing doesn’t resonate with the audience that’s interested in your products, then you won’t see great results. You may find yourself attracting customers who aren’t happy with your product since it wasn’t able to fulfill their needs, or it went against their values. When clarifying your audience, you need to know their likes, dislikes, preferences, beliefs, and aspirations. All of these things influence how you market your products and services.

What is the Purpose Behind My Business?

Get down to the core of what your business’s purpose is. You may have to write your thoughts out and consider what’s behind what you think the purpose is to uncover the real reasons. Knowing the deeper purpose behind your business and communicating it effectively to your employees will spark more passion in them. They can perform their jobs better when they have a mission with which they resonate. You should also communicate your business’s purpose to customers through your interactions.

When you are building a brand, it’s important to ask yourself all of the questions above. Your branding won’t be as effective if you don’t clarify in writing the answers to these questions and how you want your brand to be received. Some of the world’s best brands have taken great consideration in creating their brand identities.

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