4 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Sales Pitch

Those who are good at selling things didn’t just wake up one day with that skill. It took them time to develop these habits, and they understand how to turn someone into a customer. You need to have a good product and someone who’s willing to listen, but you also need to take steps to secure the deal. You can use these four methods to be more engaging as a salesperson.

Control the Setting

You want to be in your element when you’re selling something. If you’re in an unfamiliar environment, you might lose your concentration and come off as far less confident with your product than you are. Your office’s conference room is a good place to conduct your pitch. Make sure your conference room has sufficient technology to conduct the presentation without delays or interruptions, and able to connect with any remote parties that may need to be involved. Before your clientele arrives, rehearse your presentation until you don’t have to think about it. You should also rehearse your answers to any possible questions.

Build Rapport

If you just come up to somebody and start pitching an idea, he or she might not be too pleased. Seeming so much like a salesman can make you look desperate and irritating. Instead, you need to connect with your customer before selling to him or her. Talk with your potential client using a friendly tone and suss out what sort of needs he or she may have that could be addressed by something you’re hoping to sell.

Focus on Solutions

When you’re pitching a product, you’re essentially telling someone why it will make his or her life better. Someone might need a product, but he or she won’t realize it until you tell him or her about the solutions it offers. Ask your potential customer questions about common problems. If he or she faces these, segue to your product and how it will remedy any of these problems. You want to show your client that you’re on his or her side.  

Have a Pleasing Tone

Think about how you sound when you deliver a sales pitch. If you’re mumbling, speaking in a monotone voice, or getting too excited, you need to work on your vocal delivery. Sales pitches don’t need to be overly dramatic. Speak how you do whenever you’re feeling most confident.

Whatever your sales pitch is, it needs to be honest, both with what you say and how you speak to the customer. People can easily tell when someone is trying to be slick with them. Put your focus on being confident and showing why buying your product is in the best interest of your customers. When you do this, you’ll likely both walk away happy.

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