3 Tricks to Get the Most Out of MS Project

Microsoft Project is a software package that integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook and Excel. It is designed to help large organizations manage complicated projects that involve multiple staff members. MS Project has a learning curve, and these three tips make it easier to get started with the software.

Know Your Predecessors

MS Project is not the first type of project management software. It has several predecessors, including NetSuite and written planners that use paper and pens. The earliest version of MS Project was released as an MS-DOS product in 1984. According to EPMA, the larger and more complex the project is, the more difficult it can be to see the logic between the activities. There are a lot of versions of MS Project, and one could go back in order to see how the software has improved and added new features through each generation of development.

Watch a Tutorial

Watching a tutorial like the one on Ed2Go is an easy way to learn how to get started with MS Project. Tutorials typically give the viewer some insight on how to do things in less time. They also highlight features of the software that a new user would want to know. There are tutorials for new users as well as tutorials for people who want more information about a specific part of MS Project, such as how to create a timeline for a project.

Use the Software’s Help Functions

Microsoft’s software, including MS Project, has built-in tutorials. The software package also has a help section where users can type in questions and scroll through a list of questions and answers. For example, if you want to know about the types of views in MS Project like the ones listed by SherWeb, the help section will show you the software’s range of options. The help section also has a link to the online MS Project community and forums where users can answer each other’s questions about the software.

These tricks make it easier for a person with limited time to gain a full understanding of MS Project’s range of features. Keep in mind that community colleges and local universities may have non-credit classes, and Microsoft also employs people to go to organizations and teach them how to use the company’s software packages. An investment of a few minutes per day for a few weeks could lead to a great understanding of this helpful business tool.

As a Tech Smart Boss, you’ll want all the right technological tools and software like Microsoft Project to run a successful business. Check out this other article on pieces of technology all tech bosses should have in their business stack!

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