3 Things You Need to Remember When Setting Up Your Sales Pitch

If you have been having lackluster skills when meeting with fellow business owners, it may be time to update your sales pitch. You might have a great product; you might believe in it. However, without words to set your product apart, you end up being just another voice in the crowd. Don’t let yourself get lost!


It is important to be authentic when setting up your product. Your product should have a clear purpose that is easily understandable as soon as you present it. Don’t try to fudge your current sales numbers and be honest with the product’s advantages and faults.

Business owners can tell when you might be lying. Your enthusiasm and confidence in your product might wane as they ask you follow-up questions. Don’t act like you are trying to lead them into a faulty deal. Express how excited you are to potentially work with them. An authentic voice is powerful and confident regardless of criticisms.


Your presentation should have an obvious beginning, middle, and end. A clear presentation starts by establishing your purpose and the value of your product. The middle should proceed with deeper details and sales numbers. You can also answer FAQs before the business owners need to ask them. This can save them time later in the meeting.

Toward the end, you will likely make your final case for why your product should be funded. Including a business proposal allows you to give your potential client all the information they need in an easy-to-understand format. This will help investors and business partners decide whether your offer is worth a shot.


While it is important to be organized, nothing says authenticity and confidence more than adding a dash of humor to your presentation. Humor speaks to people in ways that other words cannot. It makes you appear more sincere and entertaining. It certainly isn’t meant to be done in every business interaction, but humor can often work in your favor.

Know your audience. Make referential humor that people will appreciate. Avoid being offensive or stereotypical to any group of people. Acknowledge that some people may not want to be laughing the entire way through the meeting, so use them sparingly but effectively.

Creating your sales pitch should take a lot of preparation and practice. Learn to be authentic. Organize the information you have, and don’t forget to laugh every once in a while. The meeting will all work out.

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