3 Reasons Why It’s So Vital to Have Video Content on Your Website

The importance of having a website superior to your competition has become so important that there are entire businesses built around helping you accomplish this. One type of content that is rapidly becoming more important is video content. A quality video can be hard work, so it may be tempting to brush this trend aside. Doing so would be a grave mistake, here’s why.

Showcases Your Brand

Anyone can write a compelling ‘about us’ page. Everyone has nice photos. But if you really want to showcase your company’s commitment to your brand, you need a video. You can use the video to highlight what matters to your company. If you put a lot of emphasis on protecting the environment, you can showcase community cleanups that you participate in. You can also show how your products produce the feelings that your brand promises. For example, if you sell beach toys, a video showing teens partying with your products is an excellent way to show how you deliver on brand promises.

Engages Your Audience

Video is highly engaging and offers good return on investment. Your audience enjoys the swooping shots, fun music, and even quality humor that captivates their attention. A video allows for your viewers to establish a more personable connection. If you feature employees, it can help them put a face to your business and build a positive expectation for quality customer service. A video also gives a sense of legitimacy to your business. A video shows that you are confident in your products and services. Because it is so much harder to doctor a video than a photo, customers will trust what they see in a video far more than what they see in a picture.

Search Engine Optimization

For your website to get noticed, you need to appear in more searches. Adjusting your website to score higher on search engine algorithms is called search engine optimization (SEO). Many companies address this with blog posts, but they don’t realize that having videos on your website is also an important factor in SEO. Just one video can give your site a big boost. For best results, you’ll want to post videos regularly. They don’t all need to be product videos. You can make videos talking about company culture or educational ones. Get creative.

If you’re thinking of making videos for your company, don’t hesitate. Making videos is fun. It can be a great bonding activity for your company. The end result will help you gain more customers and boost profits. If you need some help, there are lots of professional videographers that you can choose from.

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