3 Practices That Improve Productivity

Everyone wishes they could be more productive, but few are willing to do anything about it. You can’t just try to force yourself to be more productive, especially not if you’re a habitual procrastinator. To get more done, you must take measures that will reconfigure your mind to get more accomplished. Doing these three things will increase your business’ productivity.

Performance Standards

It can be hard for people to be productive if they don’t know what exactly you want from them. You may be delegating tasks, but how much are you doing beyond just telling them what you want to be done and by when? You need to have performance standards that spell out your expectations for employees. These need to be reasonable but also impressive enough to keep your team focused. Delivering great results can only happen if people know exactly what their leader wants and how they want it.

Eliminate Unnecessary Processes

Having too many processes leads to confusion and a lack of productivity. If it’s taking a while for things to get done, see if there’s any correlation between that delay and all your processes. When evaluating systems to determine the most efficient method to pursue, it is vital to keep the end product in mind so it does not suffer from the elimination of otherwise followed procedures. You can use plans like 5s techniques to be more productive. You should also try condensing similar tasks so that you don’t have such a long to-do list to go through.

Make Things Comfortable

If your workplace is uncomfortable, employees are going to be focused on their discomfort, not work. You don’t need to turn your office into a day spa, but you can at least arrange the workspace in a comfortable way that doesn’t have people miserable before they even boot up their computers. Keep your office at a good temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Make sure that chairs are comfortable and that employees have plenty of space on their desk. Play music that’s energetic but not unpleasant to help keep people awake. There should also be comfort from consistent encouragement to your employees. People who feel valued by their bosses will be more productive.

Your business must be productive all-around. People need to see their tasks through to completion and avoid procrastination. These three practices won’t do the work for you, but it will make it less stressful as various blocks to productivity can be overcome. Improved productivity can lead to improved pride in your business.

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