3 Lean Process Principles That Improve Business Sales

Waste is something that all business leaders need to be adamant about stamping out. The issue is not restricted solely to spending money on overproduction or letting inventory get damaged. It includes clinging to procedures that squander production time when methods could be streamlined. The best way to solve these costly problems is through lean processes. Your sales and productivity can be greatly improved through implementing these principles.

Constantly Improving

The key to any successful business is constant improvement. Using lean process principles isn’t just about rushing through work to meet a deadline and then going back to your old, wasteful ways. Any sort of change to procedure must be done carefully, and this is a major overhaul. Start by informing the leaders of each department about your plan. Then, let them formulate ways to pitch it to their teams while allowing input and encouraging questions. To help them stay motivated, you can have them track their efficiency over time, hopefully with plenty of improvement as they become more accustomed to the process. Your employees should feel much better about their work based on how much more they’re able to get done.

Levelized Production

Review your output and see how much consistency there is from day to day. Based on information such as forecasts and history, levelized production creates a fixed goal for how many items can be efficiently produced. Utilizing both sales history and forecasts allows a company to project what customers are likely to order and what items should be kept in stock, thereby decreasing the time it takes for customers to receive goods and increasing their satisfaction. There must be a policy of accountability as well as one of communication. Departments should stay in touch with one another so that there’s as little confusion as possible. Levelized production on the part of manufacturing and sales can also make it far easier for departments such as marketing and quality assurance to do their jobs.

Better Customer Relations

Creating the best possible relationship between yourself and your customers should be your primary goal as a business owner. Your customers might not have any idea about what sort of manufacturing process you employ, but they do have an idea about how responsive you are. Using your inventory management system to be up front with them and to let them know where the process is at builds trust, and when you use lean process policy, you are going to be more efficient in fulfilling orders.

A lack of efficiency in your business means a lack of profitability. The adage that “time is money” is not one that should ever be forgotten. It may not seem as though a few minutes here or there will make much of a difference, but multiple instances can add up quickly. These principles may take some time to get used to, but you should soon see how streamlining to a lean process can improve your bottom line.

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