3 Biggest Challenges in Implementing New Technology for a Business

New technology is a must for any business to keep from falling behind, but it’s not always as simple as just buying an expensive gadget and sitting back while the money rolls in. Businesses need to know how to make new technology part of their strategy, and when they do that, there are some challenges that arise. Here are three major challenges you might encounter when using new technology in your business.


Compatibility can greatly determine how easily new technology can be implemented. New software needs to be compatible with whatever operating system you’re using. Prior to ordering a new software make sure that you have the means of supporting it. You may need to initiate some additional upgrades before you can bring in new technology. Be patient and work on any other preparation that needs to be accomplished before introducing the technology.

It Takes Time

If you’re ready for some changes to your business, technology-wise, you need to remember the virtue of patience. Developing software takes longer than most people would probably realize, as it can be the better part of a year before a project is complete. This is a really big problem with SMART on FHIR software, as well as other healthcare software. Factor in development time before making plans to install a new program or another sort of technology. You must be realistic about how soon you can get things done, otherwise, you’ll find yourself having all sorts of unrealized ambitions.

Training Employees

Figuring how to use new technology takes time, as does teaching others to use it. The implementation of a technology isn’t complete until your staff is well-trained on how it works. Make sure that everyone who uses the software or who might have a use for it knows how it works. Technology should be user-friendly and come with tutorials that cover the basics. The best programs are ones that are complex and worth their investment without causing bewilderment. Before implementing new technology, review how it works and how simple it is for you. Should you be pretty technologically minded and find there’s a significant learning curve, you may need to consider a different technology.

Some technologies are so widespread in businesses that it’s near impossible to imagine that they would ever be hard to implement. However, businesses once had figure out how computers and web programming would fit into their strategy. You can find a way to include any new technology that you believe has a place in your business, but you also need to accept the challenges. Understanding the challenges of new technology will help you figure out how you can combat them and leverage new technology to grow your business.

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